imp. & p. 1.imp. & p. p. of Aby.
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ABought I5 Keeper; Sister's My 4 Jolene; And Benny 3 Life; Of Key The In Songs 2 Calling; London 1 YOURS INITIALLY Jones.
He clothed him and fedde him evell and eke wroth, And lete his londes forfare and his houses bothe, His parkes and his wodes and did no thing welle; And sithen he it abought on his owne felle.
The rats and the mice haue a conspiracie and counteth to hange a bell abought the courte cats coller.
In The Killing of the Children in the Digby Plays a stage direction informs: Here the knyghtes and Watkyn walke abought the place tylle Mary and Joseph be convied into Egipt.