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a.1.Cited before, in the preceding part of a book or writing.
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The dispositive portion above-cited directed the inclusion of Vargas and Tolentino for the positions of POC President and POC Chairman,' it added.
To quote from the above-cited report, 'industries like computing, robotics and biotechnology are pillars of the United States economic competitiveness, sustaining and creating millions of high paying jobs and high value exports.
In connection with the above-cited statement, the US tries to create more and more pressure over Iran to clout down its strategies of development.
Finally, supplementation is a boost to the above-cited routines.
Despite imposing limits on who may be titled as a "certified medical assistant," it should be noted that Florida law does not require medical assistants to be certified to perform the tasks within the extensive scope of practice for MA's listed in the first two subsections of the above-cited law.
The rationale and explanation must be stated in terms of the prospective harm to the competitive position of the Respondent that would result if the identified material were to be released and the reasons why the materials are legally exempt from release pursuant to the above-cited statute.
The evidence that I present for the above-cited linearization process is relative to the failure of accusative Case valuation on the object of both English topicalization structures (see (4a)) and of Spanish subordinate structures whose matrix verb does not value accusative (see (4b)).
The present reviewer is pleased to note that several small shortcomings of the fourth edition pointed out in the above-cited review have been dealt with in a most satisfactory manner.
It is to discuss which of the above-cited provisions on causing bodily injury covers the negative health consequences of circumcision.
Quoting senior Judge Issam Sleiman House Speaker Nabih Berri and Ali Fayyad's statements deemed critical of the said law, attorneys underscored the inapplicability of the law without the above-cited Article and provision particularly that both parliament and president failed thus far to affix their signatures to it in the official gazette.
It was further demanded that both the ECP and the PTI and JI coalition government in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa should ensure that the above-cited three factors preventing women from voting must be removed forthwith.
Ayrapetov, whose above-cited comment is marked in bold in the transcript of the discussion, concludes that "instead of thinking about how to get out of the situation, to live normally, people are offered to discuss politics, to look for enemies and grounds for fighting.