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Noun1.Abramis - European fishesAbramis - European fishes      
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Cyprinidae, family Cyprinidae - a family of fish including: carp; tench; roach; rudd; dace
Abramis brama, European bream - European freshwater fish having a flattened body and silvery scales; of little value as food
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Meanwhile, longer durations of sperm movement have been reported in various marine fish, including Anarhichas minor [20] and Abramis brama orientalis [21], and the time might be related to their reproductive strategies.
Age and size- Specific Patterns of heavy metals in the organs of freshwater fish Abramis brama L.
Eight species were exotic: four were introduced for consumption by humans (common carp Cyprinus carpio, common bream Abramis brama, channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus, and hybrid tilapia Oreochromis aureus x O.
2001), the differences as well as similarities based on the mode of infections in fishes (vector transmitted laboratory infection) between Trypanosoma abramis of bream (Abramis brama) and T.
This was measured using the scale by Abramis (1994).
Abbey, Abramis y Caplan (1985) desarrollaron una muy util distincion teorica entre apoyo social positivo (expresiones de afecto y ayuda) y apoyo conflictivo (expresiones de afecto negativo y no prestacion de ayuda).
When empirically examining the connection between role ambiguity and job satisfaction, scholars have consistently validated this claim, finding role ambiguity to be a strong predictor of job satisfaction levels (Abdel-Halim, 1981; Abramis, 1994; Boardman & Sundquist, 2009; Gaan, 2008; Glisson & Durick, 1988; Reid, Riemenschneider, Allen, & Armstrong, 2008; Rizzo, House, & Lirtzman 1970).
Abramis (1990), for example, found that game-like play not only added fun and enthusiasm to work but also increased learning, mastery, organizational involvement, and job satisfaction.
Self-rated performance was measured on a scale from 1 (very badly) to 5 (very well), relying on the items of Abramis (1994).
Abramis, 1994; Jackson & Schuler, 1985), job performance ratings were corrected for unreliability using coefficient alpha estimates of internal consistency because the primary studies did not report the more appropriate interrater reliabilities (Hunter & Schmidt, 1990).