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In the Bible, a son of David who staged a revolt against his father's kingship and was killed in the ensuing battle.


(Bible) Old Testament the third son of David, who rebelled against his father and was eventually killed by Joab (II Samuel 15–18)


(ˈæb sə ləm)

the third son of David: he rebelled against his father and was slain by Joab. II Sam. 13–18.
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The greatest military genius our world ever produced was a brick-layer from somewhere back of Boston - died during the Revolution - by the name of Absalom Jones.
Had the hairs on the head of Absalom been as scarce as thine, he might have been living to this day.
In spite of the fine sounding lines you will perhaps never care to read Absalom and Achitophel save as a footnote to history.
Hereupon Dryden, at the suggestion, it is said, of the king, and with the purpose of securing Shaftesbury's conviction, put forth the First Part of 'Absalom and Achitophel,' a masterly satire of Shaftesbury, Monmouth, and their associates in the allegorical disguise of the (somewhat altered) Biblical story of David and Absalom.
Sometimes, the worthy gentleman would reprove my mother for being over-indulgent to her sons, with a reference to old Eli, or David and Absalom, which was particularly galling to her feelings; and, very highly as she respected him, and all his sayings, I once heard her exclaim, 'I wish to goodness he had a son himself
Nay, I am neither Asa, nor Absalom, nor any of the Hebrew princes, but Obed, the root and stock of them all.
At length Absalom left John at work at the pipes while he went over to the engine and began loosening and tightening screws and wedges.
Johanna Absalom, the chief public relations officer of the Ministry of Education, stated that for the past couple of years, the gross enrolment rates highlighted inefficiencies in enrolling the maximum number of children in age appropriate grades.
In finding an unexpected way to take part in the weaving of her own tale, Rosa is one way that Absalom, Absalom
Vaughn's article, '"Other Souths': The Expression of Gay Identity in Absalom, Absalom
Wales under-17: K Absalom (Wigan), R Williams (Bury), C Coxe (Cardiff ), S Williams (Cardiff), R Poole (Newport), R Leak (Wolves), R Ovenden (Chesterfield), J McNulty (Bristol City), R Harrington (Everton), B Woodburn (Liverpool), N Broadhead (Everton), L Cullen (Swansea), T Roberts (West Brom), B Davies (Bristol Rovers), E Chilekwa (Bristol City), R Abbruzzese (Cardiff), M Harris (Cardiff), A Lewis (Swansea).
MobileIron has been managing devices, apps, and content from the very beginning," said the author of the report, Richard Absalom, Ovum's Senior Analyst for Enterprise Mobility and Productivity Software.