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n.1.See Apsis.
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Pemfigusda acilen buyuk, cok merkezli yeni randomize kontrollu calismalara ihtiyac vardir ve yeni calismalarda degerlendirmeler standardizasyon acisindan ABSIS siddet skorlamasi ile yapilmalidir.
We know about the dendrites (from the Greek word dendron, which means "tree" because that's what they look like) and synaptic connections (another brain word with Greek roots--which Sir Charles Scott Sherrington and his colleagues coined from syn meaning 'with' or 'together' and apto meaning "hold, cling to, or clasp," not to be confused with the word "apse" in ecclesiastical architecture, which comes from the Latin absis meaning "arch" or "vault" and just wouldn't fit into the tight spaces inside our heads).