Absolute terms

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(Alg.) such as are known, or which do not contain the unknown quantity.

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ISLAMABAD -- Finance Ministry spokesman said Friday that country's foreign exchange reserves continue to maintain a healthy level while there was no increase in external debt liability of the country in absolute terms.
In absolute terms, all expenses this year are increasing from last year.
In absolute terms, non-performing loans (NPLs) of the corporate sector are already the highest among all segments.
In absolute terms, however, Italy came first with e1/436.
39 lakh crore in absolute terms at the end of April- September period.
In absolute terms, we lead the field in the chemical industry with our research and development expenditures," said Andreas Kreimeyer, member of the board of executive directors of BASF SE and research executive director, at the Research Press Conference on the topic "Nanotechnology: Small dimensions--great opportunities" in Ludwigshafen.
9% YoY, but in absolute terms it reached the highest level since December 2011 (or, in other words, the second all-time high).
The business should refrain from using absolute terms like No1 in Pakistan/World, No1 selling brand, 100% pure, Con sumers' No1 Choice and 100% protection etc," they added.
20, its second-biggest rise in a decade in absolute terms.
n Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine featuring KSM-66 Ashwagandha demonstrated a significant reduction in cortisol levels and in psychometric measures of stress, both in absolute terms and relative to the placebo group.
Furthermore, overall consumption of added sugar is falling both in absolute terms and as a proportion of total energy in the diet.