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But a command is an abstract idea, and it seemed a sort of "lesser marvel" till it flashed upon me that it involved the concrete existence of a ship.
Because men had abstract ideas in a previous state, they must have always had them, and their souls therefore must have always existed.
He had no abstract ideas about justice and fair play.
It is the peculiarity of Russian natures that, however strongly engaged in the drama of action, they are still turning their ear to the murmur of abstract ideas.
My notion's to think of the human beings first and let the abstract ideas take care of themselves.
In order for a claim to cover patent-eligible subject matter, he stated, the claim must "not be coextensive with a natural law, natural phenomenon, or abstract idea.
By the end, Bandini has become an abstract idea, blown out to sea.
One of the longest-term AIDS survivors in the country, Rothschild testifies in Signals that "spiritual" is not an abstract idea.
The Thomists, McCool says, base their immediate realism on the abstract idea of being (p.
The building, in plan, appears as a succinctly abstract idea - two arcs, split apart, to contain the rectangular archive.
The trouble has come with defining just what qualifies as an abstract idea.
These are skills that physicists and engineers rely on to take an abstract idea, conceptualise it and turn it into a real-world process, action or device, for example.

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