Abstract numbers

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(Math.) numbers used without application to things, as 6, 8, 10; but when applied to any thing, as 6 feet, 10 men, they become concrete.

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I mean, as I was saying, that arithmetic has a very great and elevating effect, compelling the soul to reason about abstract number, and rebelling against the introduction of visible or tangible objects into the argument.
asp (be careful to use the Abstract Search, not the Quicklinks search confusingly placed above it); you can search for the abstract numbers.
These so-called measurements are actually abstract numbers, which, at best, measure output and not outcome.
However you calculate them, advertising equivalences are still abstract numbers that do not show progress.
We learn to count at such an early age that we tend to take the notion of abstract numbers for granted.
So when Congress votes to cut critical programs such as SNAP, mayors understand very clearly what these abstract numbers mean in the real world.
Note: the '-M', '-T', or '-W' in the abstract numbers in this conference just means that the presentation was a poster on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.
The overall jobless numbers are certainly higher than they were last year, and it's important to remember that these aren't just abstract numbers - they represent real people who are suffering in a very bad economy," said company founder and president Bill Torchiana.
Instead of hiding behind abstract numbers pulled from thin air, it's time for everyone to put their cards on the table.
Abstract numbers 438 and 443 will detail Phase 1 trial data on T67.
Using the "Powers of Ten" as a framework helps bring concrete meaning to these abstract numbers.