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The abstract painter, who was born in Kiel, Germany, was presented with the prize by Yoko Ono at a ceremony at Tate Britain in central London.
Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch, who painted The Scream, Pop Art specialist Roy Lichtenstein and abstract painter Willem de Kooning were the men studied.
And she's also been seen cavorting with abstract painter Jonathan Kramer.
ABSTRACT painter and sometime Catatonia associate Elfyn Lewis has beaten 400 other entrants to win Welsh Artist of the Year 2010.
The loquaciousness of the exhibition performs yet another subtle revision: Garrels's multiple invitations to "conversation" (the catalogue interviews, the attendant talks, the laminated gallery cards with comments by each artist) work to dismantle the imago of the abstract painter as a man of few words.
Mike Brick, a fine art lecturer at Newcastle University, who had known Mr Kidd since he was a student there in the early 70s, said: "Richard was an outstanding abstract painter and a superb teacher.
NEW YORK, May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Alex Matter, son of photographer, filmmaker and graphic designer Herbert Matter and abstract painter Mercedes Matter, announced today the existence of 32 previously unrecorded works by the American master Jackson Pollock (1912-1956).
The airy multi-level foyer of this recently completed building by Cambridge-based R H Partnership Architects -its elegant curves come as a surprise after the boxy restraint of the exterior -has been brilliantly complemented by a huge mural -measuring 30ft x 35ft -by Turner Prize-nominated abstract painter Ian Davenport.
Anyone interested in the work of Jackson Pollock, the American abstract painter, should not miss the afternoon film Pollock on Wednesday starring Ed Harris, part of Harlech Visual Arts Week.
Ed Harris directed and stars in ``Pollock,'' the story of the legendary abstract painter Jackson Pollock.
Hunt's style and palette reflect influences such as oriental art, the colours of India and, most importantly, a fascination for American abstract expressionists such as Mark Rothko as well as the British abstract painter Ben Nicholson.
Their next mini-exhibition is due early April and will showcase the talents of Gateshead-based photographer Steve Mayes and abstract painter Dennis Wood.