Abstract unit

the unit of numeration; one taken in the abstract; the number represented by 1. The term is used in distinction from concrete, or determinate, unit, that is, a unit in which the kind of thing is expressed; a unit of measure or value; as 1 foot, 1 dollar, 1 pound, and the like.

See also: Unit

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As abstract, it formed the first example of an abstract unit in the poem.
If all three poems were put together, there would be ten novel metaphors using only concrete constituents, and seven novel metaphors combining concrete and abstract units.
As Arthur Koestler once put it, some of us tend to see the individual as 'a multitude of one million divided by one million,' an abstract unit that can be plus or minus depending on its usefulness to our social causes.
His production, like the opera itself, is slow and static, played out on Fan Yue's abstract unit set, largely consisting of bleacher-like risers and hanging cables.
When students step into my classroom on the first day of the abstract unit, they find themselves in the Escher world of inventive perspective.
To conclude the abstract unit, we invited the modern dance class to study the drawings and respond to them with physical movement.
Architecture lies at the formal core of all the artworks, from floor pieces that resemble building models, photos that depict them, and shelves that echo their modular nature, to boxes and planks that function as abstract units.
Using a linear model relies upon comparing units of length, using an area model relies upon comparing units of area and using a discrete model of fractions relies upon comparing abstract units composed of other units (abstract composite units).
Phonemes are abstract units which exist in the listeners' mind.
Wheatley and Reynolds (1996) argue that constructing and coordinating abstract units are central to students' mathematical activity in geometric as well as numeric settings.
These reports allow users to track past workload history and plan their scheduling in a more effective manner -- Logical resource allocation - ESP Espresso gives users the ability to define jobs that occupy abstract units of work on a system.
This body is broken down into recombinant abstract units punctuated and connected by dashes, lines, and dots.