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 (ä′bo͞o-bä′kər) also A·bu Bekr (ä′bo͞o bĕk′ər) 573?-634.
First caliph of the Muslim empire (632-634). He was one of the earliest converts to Islam and ascended to power after the death of his son-in-law Muhammad, establishing Islam as a political and military force throughout Arabia.


(əˌbuˈbæk ər)

also A•bu-Bekr


A.D. 573–634, Muhammad's father-in-law and successor: first caliph of Mecca.
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According to information that is checked through various channels, IS leader Ibrahim Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was killed as a result of the strike, was also present at the meeting," the ministry said in a statement.
Eight-year-old Muhammad Abu-Bakr, who trains in Coventry, defeated his French opponent to claim his latest victory in Muay Thai.
Protesters held signs commemorating Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh and Sondos Abu-Bakr, both of whom were killed by police forces during demonstrations before the fourth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution.
The Information Secretary and Spokesman of NCP in the state, Abu-Bakr Adam Ismail, said that all the technical and administrative arrangements have been completed for holding the General Conference.
Sheikh Abu-Bakr Ahmed, Secretary-General of the Scholars Association in India has praised the efforts of the UAE Red Crescent in providing fresh water to countries in need, especially in various states of India, during its water-well drilling project.
Abu-Bakr Al-Garbi is set to lead his country's delegation to the 141st ordinary session of the Arab League Council at the foreign ministers level which is scheduled to start tomorrow at the Arab League's headquarters in Cairo.
Spokesman Jamil Abu-Bakr said the Muslim Brotherhood wants the government to fulfil its pledge that Cabinet members be elected by parliament and no longer be appointed by the king.
A statement recently released by the Ministry of Electricity in Kurdistan revealed that Kurdistan's Electricity Minister Yassin Sheikh Abu-Bakr had inked a deal with the Turkish Shar Company to construct electric lines.
Talking to a Private TV channel, the brother of the Pakistan Army soldier, Ahmad Shah has said that his brother Abu-Bakr had been earlier declared as a martyr, and after being informed the household had also been issued his pension to parents of the soldier, till 1995.
Abu-Bakr said they will provide the lamps with a permanent source of electricity.
I believe that the categorizations of the hawks and doves are not accurate in our case," Deputy-Overseer of the Movement, Jamil Abu-Bakr told The Star.
L'ambassadeur Abu-Bakr a explique que la reunion se concentrera sur les aspects politiques de la question du changement climatique soulignant qu'un certain nombre de ministres des Affaires etrangeres et les ministres de l'environnement des pays du monde participeront a la prochaine reunion en plus des organisations de la societe civile , le secteur prive et un certain nombre de personnalites du monde entier .