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Noun1.Aby Warburg - German art historian (1866-1929)Aby Warburg - German art historian (1866-1929)  
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Los estudios contemporaneos de la imagen tienen un antecedente imprescindible en la obra del aleman Aby Warburg.
Aby Warburg foi um Historiador da Arte alemao (1866-1929), conhecido como o pai da Iconologia moderna.
My interest in the intellectual tradition inspired by Aby Warburg and developed in the Library and Institute named after him (first in Hamburg, then in London) played an important role in the collection of essays we are talking about: Miedo, Reverencia, Terror.
Here, art-historical tropes of continuity and mutation propagated by Alois Riegl and Aby Warburg politicized an international gathering of migration-themed, performance-centric commissions, which deftly invited one to rethink classical notions of innovation and originality.
Iniciada a finales del siglo XIX en Alemania por el historiador del arte Aby Warburg, la ciencia de la imagen (Bild-wissenschaft) revivio en los anos noventa del siglo XX con los estudios del aleman Horst Bredekamp, quien incorporo la imagen tecnologica multidisciplinaria.
A comparacao com o Atlas (Mnemosyne) de Aby Warburg e fecunda para se pensar, ja que a forma de montagem realizada por Warburg e muito usual entre artistas contemporaneos.
Mas essa nao e minha opcao, gosto das funduras dos reinos de Hermes e Hades, o que nos leva inevitavelmente aos fenomenos psiquicos, como bem sabia Aby Warburg, por experiencia propria (2).
One group of such historians in Germany congregated around the idiosyncratic personality of Aby Warburg.
Doubtless this time and place witnessed a spate of remarkable achievements by Ernst Cassirer, Erwin Panofsky, and Aby Warburg that continue to exert a profound influence on the practice of humanistic scholarship on both sides of the Atlantic.
Bref, une << histoire de fantomes pour grandes personnes (14) >> (comme dit Aby Warburg (15)), et plus encore.
Scion of a wealthy German-Jewish banking family, Aby Warburg began as a student of Renaissance painting but soon forsook the narrow path of art history to investigate a broader field of research looking at the interaction between diverse cultural fields.
Ja na retomada de 2007, a linha alargada e vermelha, como uma dobra sobre o redemoinho de linhas pretas, sublinha e protege o gesto sem fim da forma circular, carregada de tensao, tal qual "massa de serpentes moventes", como escreveu Aby Warburg sobre as imagens temporalmente sobrecarregadas e densamente tensionais.