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n.1.A member of an academy, university, or college.
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The salaries are so much higher in industry, people only do this because they really care about being an academian.
9 Chinese Academy of Engineering academians and 9 invited experts including Chinese Academy of Engineering bureau honorary chairman, Chinese Academy of Engineering academian Xu Kuangdi, Chinese Academy of Engineering vice president, Chinese Academy of Engineering academian Gan Yong, Baosteel Group Corporation chairman Xu Lejiang, Sinopec senior vice president Zhang Jianhua, vice president Ray Dianwu, Zhanjiang municipal Party committee secretary Liu Xiaohua, mayor Wang Zhongbing, Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Department inspector Wang Zaikui and Zhanjiang municipal senior adviser Li Miaojuan participate in the consultation.
Cicero Academian ab exemplo Athenarum, ibi compositis voluminibus eiusdem nominis, in qua et monumenta sibi instauraverat, ceu vero non et in toto terrarum orbe fecisset".
Shafqat Khan Abbasi has hailed the decision of the Indian Supreme Court for release of Khalil Chishty, an old academian, enabling him to spend his remaining last days of life with his family, friends and relatives.
45) "Dialecticae partitione ad Academian Parisiensen" y "Aristotelicae Animadversiones".
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Varsity tennis, Grades 9-12; concert chorale, Grades 9-12, Acapella president, Grades 11,12; Oxfam Committee, Grades 9-12; Spanish Club, Grades 9-12; The Academian school newspaper, Grades 9-11.
According to Academian Yuri Yaremenko, Shlykov and some American DOD calculations military activities absorbed roughly 30% of Soviet GDP in the late 1980s (Rosefielde, 2005b).
You're not being taught by someone who is an academian that has no real-world experience," Peters said.
Bulletin of the Institute of Ethnology Academian Sinica, 64, 1-49 (in Chinese).
IRI also announced that leading analytics academian Dr.
IRI), today announced that leading analytics academian and authority Dr.
Neuvo had a distinguished career as an academian at The Academy of Finland where he was the national research professor for eight years.
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