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 (ăk′ə-dĕm′ĭ-sĭz′əm) also a·cad·e·mism (ə-kăd′ə-mĭz′əm)
Traditional formalism, especially when reflected in art.


(ˌækəˈdɛmɪˌsɪzəm) ,




adherence to rules and traditions in art, literature, etc; conventionalism


(ˌæk əˈdɛm əˌsɪz əm)

also academism,

1. traditionalism or conventionalism in art, literature, etc.
2. purely speculative thoughts, opinions, or attitudes.
3. a pedantic quality.

academicism, academism

1. the mode of teaching or of procedure in a private school, college, or university.
2. a tendency toward traditionalism or conventionalism in art, literature, music, etc.
3. any attitudes or ideas that are learned or scholarly but lacking in worldliness, common sense, or practicality. — academie, n., adj. — academist, n.
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Noun1.academicism - orthodoxy of a scholastic variety
traditionalism, traditionality - strict adherence to traditional methods or teachings


[ˌækəˈdɛmiˌsizm] academism [əˈkædəˌmɪzm] n (Art) → accademismo
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The boom in popular publishing by academic art historians has not been matched by an equivalent in art history.
His APOLLO addressed not only the academic art historian or museum professional, who has always been an important part of the readership, but also the amateur enthusiast, who went to exhibitions, bought art books, and had a serious but not expensive collection of, for example, Battersea enamels or Colonial period furniture, and wanted authoritative information on these and allied subjects.
At issue here is the machinery of dialectical negation that transforms one thing into its opposite, a cornerstone of academic art criticism and contemporary cultural theory but also, at least since the '6os, the culture industry's hobbyhorse, from the pickup truck morphed into a luxury item (Mercedes SUV) to the $200 ripped jeans to designer cowboy boots.
They all still spoke of painting in terms of self-exploration and an agonised authenticity that would revolutionise the world and whatnot,' says the main character, Hope, 'but the results were a little like company logos, everybody working on the scale of 19th-century academic art but each of them having come up with some eye-catching simplification.
The idea is easy to understand: Academic art critics are finding something worthwhile in the popular, especially in Rockwell's long-disapproved of melodramas.
The easy alternative, of course, is just to circumnavigate the occasion - to "professionalize" art criticism into a branch of academic art history, into a kind of civil service dedicated to covering works of art with words.
As modern art had been admitted to serious attention by academic art historians (especially after World War II), it came already wrapped in Modernist packaging.
Encouraging arts, the state has established the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, the Higher Institute for Musical Arts and the Musical Studies Institute and the Institute of Academic Art and Musical Sciences.
Specialist librarians examine the world of academic art and design libraries, whether they are part of universities or support independent art and design schools.
14) His practice defied the elite academic art world's widening division between "fine art" and "industrial art".
The breakthrough in the portraits is that they are the first academic art work in history and they were the foundation of the renaissance era in Europe.
Electronic auction: execution of major repairs of the internal premises of building a of the federal state budgetary educational institution "moscow academic art lyceum at the russian academy of arts" at the address: moscow, ul.

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