Acadia National Park

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Aca′dia Na′tional Park′

a national park in Maine, on Mount Desert Island. 44 sq. mi. (114 sq. km).
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Noun1.Acadia National Park - a national park in Maine showing marine erosion and glaciationAcadia National Park - a national park in Maine showing marine erosion and glaciation; includes seashore and also the highest point on the Atlantic coast
Maine, ME, Pine Tree State - a state in New England
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Congress created the Acadia National Park Advisory Commission in 1986 to consult with the National Park Service on matters relating to the management and development of the park, including, but not limited to, the acquisition of lands and interests in lands.
Acadia National Park was established in 1919 as a result of tireless campaigning by wealthy summer residents such as George Dorr and John D Rockefeller Jr, who lived in enormous, 80-room "cottages" and were known as "rusticators", for their love of the rural life.
This pollution haze, which emanates from urban and industrial centers to the south and west, has been a problem at Acadia National Park and elsewhere (e.
The park--renamed Acadia National Park in 1929 after the Greek "arcadia" meaning "simple pleasure"--attracts more than two million visitors each year, offers recreational opportunities including hiking, kayaking and wildlife viewing and is open year-round.
This excursion also includes kayaking and sailing as you make you way though fishing villages, famous towns and Acadia National Park, while dining on lobster and fresh seafood and taking it the picturesque coast.
For years his mother fed this obsession, but when Jack angers her on the way to Mount Desert Island, Maine, by asking to go see Lydia, the only elephant in the state, his mother disappears during their first night camping in Acadia National Park, leaving Jack with only his sleeping bag, backpack, and about $15.
check out the western foothills with their old-fashioned charm or the Atlantic coast and Acadia National Park, where you'll find an interesting mesh of maritime and seasonal traditions.
Coast Guards say the group had been watching the rough seas and heavy surf from Maine's Acadia National Park.
Burt's Bees founder Roxanne Quimby is in here, too, who sold her business to the Clorox Company and used the $182 million she received for her 20% remaining control in 2007 to start buying up (and saving) the privately owned "in-holdings" within Maine's Acadia National Park and other national parks around the country.
Home of Acadia National Park, this island offers up a wide range of outdoor activities.
TrekAmerica (0870444 8735) offers an eight-day tour from September 22 and October 6, from pounds 793, via the Appalachian Trail, White Mountains, Acadia National Park and Boston, with biking, swimming and a sunset cruise as options.
A second field trip will be a guided tour along wheelchair-accessible paths in Acadia National Park.