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A plural of acanthus.
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1) Furthermore, the other speaking women of Book 4, Acanthis in 4.
Propertius uses the figure of Cynthia, and particularly her direct speech, to weaken the boundaries between male and female, Roman and non-Roman, and lover and beloved; in Book 4 Acanthis and Cornelia join her and add their support to her critique.
1), advice moreover, repeated verbatim by the lena Acanthis to a courtesan (Cynthia?
138 tu me curato ne sitiam, ego tibi quos amas iam adducam e R Fedeli, Acanthis e la sete dei morti, in Rappresentazioni della morte, a cura di R.
Saggi di storia delle religioni, Roma 1974, 49 e Fedeli, Acanthis .
He meets Spencer Edwards, from Acanthis DR and other quarter-final pairings are: Ludwell v Ambler; Rob Kershaw (Mirfield DR) v Alex Belt (Bridlington Links); Andy Rhodes (Keighley) v Matthew Marsh (Hallowes).
Yn ystod yr hydref mae'r pila gwyrdd (siskin - Carduelis spinus) a'r llinos bengoch (redpoll - Acanthis flammea) yn hoffi bwydo ar yr hadau sydd ar lawr.
Like the witch, the werewolf appears in ancient poetry as in Petronius's satire where a soldier is transformed into a werewolf at Satyri con 62 -- in a graveyard about cockscrow with the moon still high the soldier strips naked, piddles all around his clothes, turns into a wolf, howls and runs off into the woods, and then ravishes a farm letting the blood of the sheep like a butcher, [42] or in Propertius where the bawd Acanthis can "hide her shape under the form of the night-prowling wolf.
There is also no strong evidence of regular double brooding in Arctic-breeding populations of two other species, the Hoary Redpoll Acanthis hornemanni and the Common Redpoll A.
2) This, then, is the tale (or, at least, one tale) of how the final events in the story of Propertius and Cynthia might be thus endowed and configured as narrative--namely the appearance of Acanthis (4.
10, where he says that the lena, Acanthis, could even make a bird into a noverca for her brood; 4.