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A valuable silver ore, Ag2S, with a lead-gray color and metallic luster that is often tarnished a dull black.


(Minerals) a dark grey mineral that consists of silver sulphide, usually in cubic crystalline forms, and occurs in veins, often with native silver. It is found esp in Mexico, Nevada, and Saxony and is an important source of silver. Formula: Ag2S


(ˈɑr dʒənˌtaɪt)

a dark, lead-gray, sectile mineral, silver sulfide, Ag2S, occurring in crystals and as formless aggregates: an important ore of silver.
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Noun1.argentite - a valuable silver ore consisting of silver sulfide (Ag2S)
Ag, atomic number 47, silver - a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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stutzeri AG259 detoxificated silver through its precipitation in the periplasmic space and its bioreduction to elemental silver with a variety of crystal typologies, such as hexagons and equilateral triangles, as well as three different types of particles: elemental crystalline silver, monoclinic silver sulfide acanthite ([Ag.
Pyrargyrite stockwork in siderite and quartz-encrusted cavities, together with acanthite, native silver, barite, kaolinite, and museum-quality specimens of polybasite and stephanite were noted (Jeff Franzen and Ken Watson, pers.
15 metre wide mineralized zone containing quartz, silicified andesite breccia, native gold and acanthite (silver sulfide mineral).
2]) mineral in a massive form and as inclusion in a natural acanthite ([Ag.
Tetrahedrite has been reported at Igor and San Jose, and proustite, acanthite and electrum have been identified at Shahuindo.
Surface rock chip samples have yielded assays of up to 12 g/t Au and 630 g/t Ag along the margin of the rhyolite dome at Luna Roja, and visible silver chlorides, acanthite, and native gold have been observed at several locations.
The alphabetized descriptions of mineral species comprise necessarily the catalog's core: 183 pages of densely packed information, acanthite through zunyite.
Analysis also has revealed a simple silver mineral composition consisting primarily of acanthite (Ag2S) with lesser amounts of electrum suggesting potential for high recoveries from any ore developed.
Dull black but of excellent dendritic form, the pseudomorphic "trees" range from thumbnail to small-cabinet size, and some have sharp cubes of acanthite and/or skutterudite reposing on them.
8 feet) zone locally rich in the silver bearing mineral acanthite (argentite).
Acanthite on Calcite La Sirena Mine, Guanajuato, Mexico 4" tall