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Noun1.acanthocyte - an abnormal red blood cell that has thorny projections of protoplasmacanthocyte - an abnormal red blood cell that has thorny projections of protoplasm
erythrocyte, RBC, red blood cell - a mature blood cell that contains hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the bodily tissues; a biconcave disc that has no nucleus
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Neuroacanthocytosis is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by movement disorders, seizures, dementia, and behavioral changes, as well as spiked acanthocytes in peripheral smears, but it is rarely accompanied by axonal neuropathy.
Crenated erythrocytes can also resemble acanthocytes that are associated with certain lipid disorders.
rugosoannulata J2 were trapped by acanthocytes which can be seen in Fig.
Spiculated forms includes fragmented red cells, burr cells, acanthocytes, tear drop red cells and sickle cell.
is a genus of agaricoid, mushroom-forming fungi, which are characterized by the presence of partial veil usually forming an annulus or leaving remnants at the pileus margin, adnate to adnexed lamellae and well-developed rhizomorphs on stipe base, which are densely covered by spiniform crystals called acanthocytes, the latter considered a diagnostic feature of the genus (Farr, 1980; Cortez & Silveira, 2008).
Neuroacanthocytosis is a cause of chorea in children and can be diagnosed by a fresh peripheral blood smear examination showing acanthocytes in the smear.
Peripheral blood smear that was repeated on three occasions revealed no acanthocytes.
3 Hyposplenism is characterized clinically by leukocytosis, thrombocytosis, presence of Howell jolly bodies, erythrocytes pits and acanthocytes on peripheral smear.
WBC Toxic granulations 28 Dohle bodies 5 Vacuolations 38 Smudge cells 32 Clefted lymphocytes 10 Hairy projections 2 Auer rods 2 RBC Anisocytosis 54 Poikilocytosis 31 Microcytosis 7 Macrocytosis 2 Hypochromasia 3 Polychromasia 35 Echinocytes (burr cells) 19 Dacrocytes (teardrops) 16 Spherocytes 6 Target cells 2 Acanthocytes 1 Ovalocytes 28 Schistocytes 5 Stomatocytes 2 Howell-Jolly bodies 1 Basophilic stipplings 5 Platelet Clumped platelets 3 Platelet satellitosis 5 Large platelets 8 Giant platelets 8 Overall Cell Morphology Code Concordance, Overall Type % Concordance, % WBC Toxic granulations 78.