Acapulco gold

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Noun1.Acapulco gold - a particularly potent variety of marijuanaAcapulco gold - a particularly potent variety of marijuana
cannabis, ganja, marihuana, marijuana - the most commonly used illicit drug; considered a soft drug, it consists of the dried leaves of the hemp plant; smoked or chewed for euphoric effect
Cannabis sativa, ganja, marihuana, marijuana - a strong-smelling plant from whose dried leaves a number of euphoriant and hallucinogenic drugs are prepared
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Local reports say Barry came to the attention of the police after allegedly selling a number of different types of weed online including acapulco gold, maui waui, and chocolate thai.
Instead of Acapulco Gold, Mexican smokers want strains like Liberty Haze and Moby Dick -- either importing high-potency boutique pot from the United States, or growing it here in secret gardens that use techniques perfected abroad.
We have so many exciting brands in at the moment, including Acapulco Gold, Staple and Primitive, that our favourite items change each week.