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(ˌæk ərˈneɪ ni ə, -ˈneɪn yə)

a coastal region in W central Greece, on the Ionian Sea.
Ac`ar•na′ni•an, adj., n.
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Now we know why Aeneas enters a little city in line 276 -- because Octavian brought Ambracians, Leucadians, Acarnanians, Amphilochian Argives, and Aetolians together to people his great new city of Nicopolis (Murray and Petsas, 5 n.
But Herodotus was writing after the Messenians had proved their fighting quality in the revolt of 465, in the ensuing long resistance in besieged Ithome, and from the base of Naupactus where the survivors from the siege were settled by the Athenians (see below, note 33) and battled against the Acarnanians (Paus.
Similarly when in 389 the Achaeans called on Sparta to defend them against the Acarnanians, the Spartans were at first (and understandably) reluctant, but when the Achaeans threatened to break off their alliance, Sparta accepted that a campaign was inevitable and Agesilaus marched out at the head of a League army; the allies do not seem to have had a chance to discuss the rightness of the Spartan decision (Xen.