n.1.The quality of being accidental; accidentalness.
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In sum, "In the demonstration of the causal proposition, on the contrary, dependence is positively proved through the accidentality of existence to the thing, and dependence on something else is proved through the priority of existence.
A textual distribution suggestive of systematicity rather than of accidentality, the church gets" invoked twice squarely in the middle of the story.
It is not easy to explicate the notion of accidentality here.
bar]man); (2) container of a pure existence that is preceded by pure non-existence and that transcends the horizon of extension and non-existence and belongs to immutahies insofar as they arc immutable while embracing actuality is perpetuity (dahr); (3) container of a pure Real immutable Existence absolutely devoid of accidentality of change and transcendent above any sense of being preceded by nonexistence, pure and sheer activity, is eternity (sarmad).
his answer echoed what were becoming commonplaces: the decline in religion, the "instability of the forms of social life," political tensions, and the anarchy of production and consumption (as in many writings, capitalism was unnamed but often implicitly present), which all "give rise to accidentality and incoherence.
And therefore we must reject from the Islamic point of view the accidentality of the origin of life.
Concrete narratives and histories, people, and events are taken up into an all-inclusive vision of history; they stand face to face with the truth, the salvation, and are thereby deprived in principle of their historical accidentality.
Much in the same way as Korean V-a/e pelita and Japanese V-te shimau, some uses of the Spanish middle marker se also affect the degree of control by the speaker or subject and express accidentality, noncontrollability, strong resolve, emphatic involvement in an action, and counter-expectations, in addition to completion and totality.
In fact, the use of the term 'narrative', as seen by several Samoyedologists, is caused by a number of reasons: somebody has told me (reported), I have not seen personally, I am not sure, I am speaking about the events of the (distant) past, I am telling you an everyday or folkloristic narrative story, sometimes I try to express the accidentality or mirativity of the event, etc.
It is necessary that the finite--property and life--should be definitely established as accidental, because accidentality is the concept of the finite.
In addition to noting that responsibility and liability may be conflated, he also concedes that 'there is no necessary incompatibility between accidentality concepts and beliefs in witchcraft and sorcery .
a gradation in being is at once apparent to the knower," for cognitional identity with things grants awareness of what is prior in notion, knowledge, and time concerning the necessary and contingent within substantiality and accidentality, and through such "the multi-significant notion of being appears to the knower" (pp.