acesulfame potassium

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a·ce·sul·fame potassium

A white crystalline powder, C4H4KNO4S, having a taste about 200 times sweeter than sucrose, used as a calorie-free sweetener. Also called acesulfame K.

[Alteration of earlier acetosulfam (perhaps influenced by aspartame) : aceto- + sulf(o)- + am(ine).]
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The company invented acesulfame K and markets this high intensity sweetener under the brand name Sunett(R).
Jonathan Phillips (UK) Ltd have decided to stop the importation and sale of Acesulfame K, which is manufactured by Zhangjiagang Dong Gang Pharmaceutical Development Co Ltd in China.
If you must avoid sugar, it's a toss-up: acesulfame K and saccharin may slightly increase your risk of cancer, and aspartame hasn't been adequately tested.
DiabetiSweet contains the FDA-approved ingredients acesulfame k, a high intensity sweetener, and Isomalt, a sweetener and bulking agent that allows DiabetiSweet to maintain sweetness in high heat.
Acesulfame K and saccharin may slightly increase your risk of cancer, and aspartame hasn't been adequately tested for safety.
Table 48: US High Intensity Sweeteners Usage in FoodProducts by Sweetener Type (2013) - Percentage ShareBreakdown of Volume Sales for Sucralose, Reb-A, Aspartame,Saccharin, and Acesulfame K (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) III-4
In contrast, aspartame--while recently ruled safe for human consumption at current levels by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and currently accounting for a value of [pounds sterling]280 million in 2013--is expected to drop to [pounds sterling]210 million by 2017 as stevia, and blends of stevia and other sweeteners such as acesulfame K begin to take a greater share of the market.
This flavoring substance could be broadly used to improve the palatability of foods and beverages containing acesulfame K and saccharin.
The question remains whether these studies are sufficiently definitive or rigorous in light of the potential for widespread, [sic] high exposure to acesulfame K in all group [sic] in the population.