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 (sŏl-vŏl′ĭ-sĭs, sôl-)
A chemical reaction in which the solute and solvent react to form a new compound.

sol′vo·lyt′ic (-və-lĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Chemistry) a chemical reaction occurring between a dissolved substance and its solvent. See also hydrolysis
[from solv(ent) + -lysis]
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Spore perine characters offer more accuracy in the identification of fern taxa and therefore we recommend using a fresh mount rather than the common Erdtman (1960) acetolysis method, in order to preserve the fragile perine of some taxa (Devi, 1980).
Cellulose undergoes acetolysis with acetic/nitric reagent forming acetylated cellodextrins which get dissolved and hydrolyzed to form glucose molecules on treatment with 67% [H.
Microscope slides of the pollen samples were made with the acetolysis method (Erdtman 1960; Barth & Luz 1998; Terrab et al.
Acetolysis and treatment with NaOH are known to dissolve the exine of Xyridaceae pollen (Erdtman, 1952; Carlquist, 1960), thus only untreated grains were examined.
Of the thirty-nine sediment samples taken from Pit C, twenty were processed according to standard Erdtman acetolysis procedures, following carbonate removal with 10% HCI.