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 (ä-chā′bā), Chinua 1930-2013.
Nigerian writer whose works, including the novel Things Fall Apart (1958), describe traditional African life in conflict with colonial rule and westernization.


(Biography) Chinua. 1930–2013, Nigerian novelist. His works include Things Fall Apart (1958), A Man of the People (1966), and Anthills of the Savannah (1987)


(ɑˈtʃeɪ beɪ)

Chinua, born 1930, Nigerian writer.
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The African Writers' Day is dedicated to pay honor to renowned African authors like late Nigeria's Chinua Achebe and Uganda's Okot p' Bitek, among other celebrated writers.
Du Bois, Chinua Achebe, Richard Wright, Ama Ata Aidoo and Caryl Phillips.
One of the 49 contributors to this collection of essays that examine the life and legacy of Chinua Achebe is Ernest N Emenyonu, a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters who, as Achebe did, teaches African Literature in the US.
While not a work of literary criticism, this well-written book nonetheless provides the reader with glimpses of a scholar's love of literature as it turned from American novelists Faulkner and Melville to African writers Gordimer, Coetzee, Achebe, and others.
Chinua Achebe: Tributes and Reflections, a book of eulogy in honour of the departed master storyteller, provides a magnificent insight into Achebe the man, both his character and his work.
Ten spyte van Conrad se kanonisering in die panteon van die "grootse tradisie" van die Engelse literatuur, was hy 'n aanvegbare figuur, ten eerste, in sy geboorteland Pole en gevolglik in dele van Afrika waar Achebe se ad hominem aanval op die skrywer steeds in die 21ste eeu deur die gange van die akademiese wereld weerklink.
He is co-founder, with award-winning author Chinua Achebe ("Things Fall Apart''), of the journal African Commentary, and as a novelist has written about Nigerian struggles, both in their homeland and as immigrants.
By Okonkwo shooting at his wife, Achebe prepares the reader for the protagonist's next act involving the gun when he inadvertently kills another boy.
The author also looks at the long-term trauma that continues to afflict communities that were 'left behind' by slave traders, as evidenced in the work of other African authors, including Soyinka and Achebe.
This solution, however, has become the target of scathing ethical and political protests, notably those of Chinua Achebe and Fredric Jameson.
Washington, Sept 15 (ANI): Rapper 50 Cent has had to rename the title of his new movie, after Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe protested that it shares the same name as his 1958 novel.
Ratnam is well- known for her contemporary renditions -- this time, her presentation is based on the work of some of the best- known Nigerian poets such as Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Tony Marinho and Ifi Amadiume.