house cricket

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house′ crick`et

a common dark brown cricket, Acheta domesticus, that is sometimes an indoor pest.
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sigillatus) when our supplier switched species because of rearing problems associated with Acheta domesticus densovirus (AdDNV; Szelei et al.
The goal of this project is to determine if picrotoxin has an effect in the supraesophageal ganglion (the location of the secondary and tertiary auditory interneurons) of female Acheta domesticus.
In the last few years, for example, cricket paralysis densovirus, which is harmless to humans and other creatures but fatal to Acheta domesticus, the common brown house cricket, has wreaked havoc on the commercial cricket industry in the U.
Food fights in house crickets, Acheta domesticus, and the effects of body size and hunger.
Yr un rydan ni'n gyfarwydd ag o yn y tye, neu o leiaf roeddem ni'n arfer bod yn gyfarwydd ag o pan oedd grt mewn cartrefi, ydi'r Acheta domesticus - house cricket yn Saesneg.
The house cricket, Acheta domesticus, loses the ability to fly shortly after adult emergence due to programmed cell death and histolysis of the flight muscles.
The role of chemo-reception in sex recognition by male crickets: Acheta domesticus and Teleogryllus oceanicus.
Acheta domesticus ydi'r enw gwyddonol arno a 'house cricket' yn Saesneg.
1996) and the wolf spider Schizocosa ocreata (Hentz 1844) is attracted to substrates previously occupied by the cricket Acheta domesticus (Persons & Uetz 1996).
This experiment was performed on female Acheta domesticus demonstrating a substantially greater plasticity in the behavioral choices made after intra-cellular injection of picrotoxin (PTX) into the left ventral portion of the prothoracic ganglia.