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a.1.Resembling Achilles, the hero of the Iliad; invincible.
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If he is surrounded by mountainous circumstances, an Achillean shore, whose peaks overshadow and are reflected in his bosom, they suggest a corresponding depth in him.
28) The shared subject of both tablets is once again Homeric: one relief is inscribed on its reverse with the words 'the Achillean shield, Theodorean after Homer', while the other declares that it is 'the Achillean shield: the Theodorean art'.
I mentioned above that the reverse side of this particular tablet was inscribed with a titular text ('the Achillean shield, Theodorean after Homer').
Plato, Davis claims, shows us that if we focus on understanding our poetic makings through self-examination, we can avoid the phantom Achillean ideal and perfection and achieve instead the truly human perfection that is available to us as human beings.
Approaching Rome, Servain confronts his own Achillean wrath: the revenge-fueled knife murder and decapitation of a Muslim prisoner.
Not only does De Quincey inappropriately take his voice from a dated text he has backhandedly labeled "literature of power" in other writings (by way of Pope's translation), but he cannot even reach the standard of the non-existent Achillean shout, needing to shout twice and shouting a lesser shout.
The Achillean Hero in the Plays of Tirso De Molina.
10) His new Achillean epic, Statius pronounces, will not only be a supplement to Homer's version (plura vacant, 4), "filling in the gaps" in the story of Achilles' life, but also, more ambitiously, that it will "lead the youth through the whole story of Troy" (tota iuvenem deducere Troia, 7), and this claim sets his projected epic up for a head-on collision with the Iliad, the epic paradigm that officially could not be surpassed.
For if Ovid's amatory Achillean poetics function as a kind of "failed intertext" in the Achilleid's rape episode, (40) a failed corrective to Achilles' earlier ambiguity, Ovidian metamorphosis triumphs in the climactic revelation scene, where Achilles is finally exposed as, or rather transformed into, a man.
The elemental force motivating the two protagonists is an Achillean anger powerful enough to annihilate even the stain, itself an elemental imprint on human nature prior to the mark.
Though Philostratus did not have the benefit of statistical analyses of Homeric and Achillean language, he did of course have a native speaker's knowledge of ancient Greek, and seems to have come to a similar view of Achilles and his language.
32) It reveals to us, through Manos, in each detail, from the rusted lock and the scents arising from the darkling fields, the distant music and lights, an Egypt that we can recognize as one we know; and it also shows us in Manos himself a generosity of spirit that understands the irrelevance of self-sacrifice, foresees futility, betrayal and death, and nevertheless perseveres in what he believes to be a heroic course, without even the Achillean promise of future fame.