Achilles' tendon

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A`chil´les' ten´don

n.1.(Anat.) The strong tendon formed of the united tendons of the large muscles in the calf of the leg, an inserted into the bone of the heel; - so called from the mythological account of Achilles being held by the heel when dipped in the River Styx.
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Ahmed Shehzad had "complained of acute pain in the region of the left Achilles' tendon during a fielding training session" PCB statement said.
9 ( ANI ): Proteas batsman JP Duminy has been ruled out of the test series against Australia after rupturing his left Achilles' tendon on Friday.
Davood Sharifi, Elias Vahedeh Dehkourdi, Gholamreza Abedi, Ahmad Asghari, Alireza Jahandideh; Effect of Low Level Laser on Hydroxyproline Content in experimentally Induced Injury in Achilles' Tendon in Dog
This came back to haunt him on the kickflip attempts when he sliced open his ankle, Achilles' tendon and, on one particularly harsh credit-card sack, his perineum.
Aled jones's panto debut has ended in agony after he snapped an Achilles' tendon.
It is usually caused by shoe irritation, the pull of the Achilles' tendon, a high arch, or foot biomechanics while running.
There are simply no data that benefits of injection of an Achilles' tendon last any longer than 12 weeks," he said.