a.1.See Acronyc.
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Britain is already plagued by achronic housing shortage, soaring demand on the NHS and creaking transport infrastructure -- surely these extra people will pile extra pressure on stretched resources.
In short, all these images, particularly those taken from or inspired by great paintings, appear to contribute to the corroboration of what we might define as a leitmotif of D'Annunzio's, mainly but not exclusively from his so-called 'notturno' period: disgregation of temporality, annulment of chronotopic linearities in a dimension of achronic simultaneity, often with mystical nuances, and not exempt from contradictions.
Epidermal grafting: an original technique and its original application in achronic and granulating areas.
This complex relationship between modernity and competing visions for Spain connects to traditional travel writing as a genre that projects achronic experience.
ACHRONIC smoking-related illness is blighting the lives of 75,000 in the North East, worrying new figures today reveal.
Achronic inability to turn decent openings into chronic inability to turn decent openings into goals?
yet their multiplicity of identities suggests the direction post-colonial literary studies may go: recasting histories to create a set of achronic narratives which reach back and (allegorically at least) forward in order to rechart the world, testifying to what Ondaatje through the patient calls 'our communal histories.
In this context, a profound change has occurred: in the 1924 lectures, Heidegger does not investigate the specific conceptuality of Greek philosophy, as rooted in specific, historically located fundamental experiences, but the relationship between conceptuality in general and an achronic, quasi-eternally existing everydayness.
We have distinguished the achronic theoretical component in the unified discussion of translation history, the component focused on the analysis of the translator and the translation method.
AChronic fatigue syndrome has not de nitively been shown to be caused by a virus.
1) I propose to identify and interpret three structures of time that organize these relationships: intertextual time, achronic time, and third time (or alternative future time).
ACHRONIC alcoholic drowned after setting off on a summer swim from a tourist beach and disappearing, an inquest heard yesterday.