lake sturgeon

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lake′ stur`geon

a sturgeon, Acipenser fulvescens, of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi and St. Lawrence rivers.
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In the cases of European eel, northern pike, and lake sturgeon, Acipenser fulvescens, both increases and decreases in hematological values have been reported in fish as a consequence of food restriction (Johansson-Sjobeck et al.
Scientifically known as Acipenser fulvescens, lake sturgeon belong to a unique family of fish called Acipenseriform, and are one of 27 sturgeon species worldwide.
I'd never swim in it again if there was and Nell said the Acipenser fulvescens has been on the planet since the dinosaurs but now they're almost extinct because they were considered a nuisance.
An effort to reintroduce the endangered species Acipenser fulvescens into lakes and rivers requires raising juvenile fish in an aquaculture setting.
nebulosus 1 8 0 14-17 0 * 2 7 7 25-36 6 * 3 1 0 7-10 0 4 1 1 24-41 133 * Pylodictis 1 4 4 27-63 4135 * olivaris 2 3 2 28-45 768 * 3 3 2 23-44 3964 * * Glochidia growth observed Fish species (number of trials, mean number of fish per trial, range of days to rejection) that did not facilitate glochidia metamorphosis: Acipenser fulvescens (1, 6, 1-5), Scaphirhynchus albus (2, 1, 1-5), Lepisosteus osseus (1, 3, 1-5), Lepisosteus platostomus (2, 3, 1-5), Amia calva (2, 4, 2-9), Carassius auratus (1, 2, 1-5), Cyprinella lutrensis (1, 8, 1-5), Cyprinella spiloptera (1, 11, 1- 5), Cyprinus carpio (2, 4, 2-5), Hybognathus nuchalis (1, 1, 1-5), Luxilus cornutus (3, 3, 1-5), Nocomis biguttatus (2, 6, 1-5), Notropis atherinoides (1, 8, 1-5), N.
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The lake sturgeon, Acipenser fulvescens Rafinesque, has been subjected to continuous fragmentation of populations and extirpation from much of its original range which makes future studies on the food and habitat requirements of this species difficult.
Host specific parasite refers to a parasite specific to the acipenserids and not necessarily to the host species, Acipenser fulvescens.