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A·co·ma 1

 (ăk′ə-mə, -mô′, ä′kə-)
n. pl. Acoma or A·co·mas
1. A member of a Pueblo people, the founders and inhabitants of Acoma.
2. The Keresan language of the Acoma.

[Acoma, people of the white rock.]

A·co·ma 2

 (ăk′ə-mə, -mô′, ä′kə-)
A pueblo of west-central New Mexico west of Albuquerque. Founded c. 1100-1250, it is regarded as the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States.


(ˈæk əˌmɔ-, -mə, ˈɑ kə-)

a Pueblo Indian village near Albuquerque, N. M.: oldest continuously inhabited location in the U.S.
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Ortiz gives compelling testimony of his Acoma people's experience of encroachment and redefinition.
Kyle, a senior at Laguna Acoma High School, formed an 11-member dance troop to share the dances and culture of the Laguna Pueblo tribe with other communities, and to inspire its Native American youth members to learn the language, stories and dances of his people.
In 2015, the Pueblo of Acoma in New Mexico decided to bundle nine construction projects under a single CM/GC contract in order to deliver the projects rapidly and create an economic stimulus package for the local community.
A 370 pies de altura, Acoma Pueblo conserva aun las construcciones posteriores al ano 1640, con dos o tres pisos de alto, paredes de adobe -una mezcla de arena, arcilla, agua y fibras vegetales- y ventanas cubiertas con mica para permitir el paso de la luz solar.
He broke countless bones and was even in acoma after a crash in Las Vegas, but still he continued to thrill fans of all ages.
The latest photographs depict the Acoma and Zuni Pueblos of New Mexico.
Las distancias entre el origen de los vasos y la AComA fueron de 7.
Below, pottery from Acoma and Jemez pueblos is on display.
BALLET ARTS CENTER/THEATRE Directed by Paul Noel Fiorino/Dance in Flight 816 Acoma, Denver, CO 80204 (303) 825-7570
He was charged the next day with the attempted killing of holiday maker Christopher Dryburgh, 25, from Glasgow who is still critical in acoma.
Eber owns the former Evans Elementary School at Acoma Street and Twelfth Avenue.