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A·co·ma 1

 (ăk′ə-mə, -mô′, ä′kə-)
n. pl. Acoma or A·co·mas
1. A member of a Pueblo people, the founders and inhabitants of Acoma.
2. The Keresan language of the Acoma.

[Acoma, people of the white rock.]

A·co·ma 2

 (ăk′ə-mə, -mô′, ä′kə-)
A pueblo of west-central New Mexico west of Albuquerque. Founded c. 1100-1250, it is regarded as the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States.


(ˈæk əˌmɔ-, -mə, ˈɑ kə-)

a Pueblo Indian village near Albuquerque, N. M.: oldest continuously inhabited location in the U.S.
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8%) were anomalous either due to asymmetrical paired vessels, unilaterally or bilaterally absent and hypoplastic PcomAs, absent or double AcomAs.
Whenever there is significantly reduced flow either in the ICA or basilar artery due to any reason, the cerebral perfusion is maintained by the collateral vessels like AcomAs and PcomAs.
The lawmakers sent a letter to the President earlier this month asking for prompt action on the Pueblo of Acomas request for help with hazard mitigation and to repair public infrastructure damaged by severe weather and flooding.
Steve Pearce, Ben Ray Lujn and Michelle Lujan Grisham announced a major disaster declaration has been issued for the Pueblo of Acoma to provide federal aid for the severe storm and flooding that occurred between October 4 and October 6, 2017.
The Lagunas and Acomas against the white and Hispanic small-town boys
A lack of such documentary evidence earlier in his discussion of the Acomas might also merit such a reading.
Since at least 1150, the mesa situated 367 feet above the valley floor has been inhabited by the Acomas (pronounced AK-kum-a), a Pueblo Indian tribe.
Sometimes the function remains secondary as in all-purpose black-and-white ceramics from Zanzibar, an earthy, ochre chi-cha vessel from a welcoming ceremony of the Achuar people in Ecuador, large bowls adorned with simple, whimsical scenes from Mexico, and a black-and-white seed pot from the Acoma Pueblo, also known as Sky City in New Mexico.
TIP / Commanding a mesa top 90 miles southeast of Gallup, the Pueblo of Acoma is one of North America's oldest continuously inhabited communities, settled in the 12th century.
Situado a los pies de la meseta que ha cobijado su historia por miles de anos, el centro cultural de Sky City (SCCC) es una muestra viva de las tradiciones que han pasado de generacion en generacion durante la existencia de Acoma Pueblo, una de las comunidades nativas de Nuevo Mexico que se mantiene vigente hasta nuestros dias.
But Acoma is no archaeological remnant frozen in time.
En ese recorrido que se llega a Sky City, ciudad situada en la reservacion indigena de Acoma y que toma su nombre del pueblo asentado en la meseta de esa zona, el cual es considerado uno de los mas antiguos de los Estados Unidos con cerca de dos mil anos de ocupacion permanente.