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n. Greek Mythology
A king of Argos and father of Danaë who was killed by his grandson Perseus.
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Never yet have I been so overpowered by passion neither for goddess nor mortal woman as I am at this moment for yourself--not even when I was in love with the wife of Ixion who bore me Pirithous, peer of gods in counsel, nor yet with Danae the daintily-ancled daughter of Acrisius, who bore me the famed hero Perseus.
4: Acrisius was king of Argos and Proetus of Tiryns.
he played Acrisius to his daughter: he put the strictest of watches upon her.
When King Acrisius of Argos/Donald Houston disrespects Zeus, the god of gods starts off by crushing Acrisius's clay figurine, killing him instantly, and then has Poseidon flood the city, killing (almost) everyone and bringing down the giant statue of Zeus that graced the city.
However, the horribly disfigured servant of Hades Acrisius (Jason Flemyng), who morphs into a giant scorpion once in a while, is determined to get him.