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The variety of speech that is closest to a standard prestige language, especially in an area in which a creole is spoken. For example, Standard Jamaican English is the acrolect where Jamaican Creole is spoken.

ac′ro·lec′tal adj.


the most standard form of language


(ˈæk rəˌlɛkt)

a variety of a language, esp. a creolized one, that is closest to the standard form of the language on which it is based.
[1960–65; acro- + (dia) lect]
ac`ro•lec′tal, adj.
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y[epsilon]l[epsilon]d "boy," ay[epsilon]l[epsilon]d "the boy" (hay[epsilon]l[epsilon]d in more acrolectic speech = Biblical Hebrew [hayy[epsilon]l[epsilon][TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
For Persian, the top two references were madar 'mother' (an Indo-European word cognate with English mother) and its borrowed Arabic acrolectic counterpart, valideh, followed by mute'aliqeh (sic) 'wife' (but muta'aliqe, pp.
Perhaps the latter names are resistant to the change because they are acrolectic and follow an Arabicized phonology.
My guess at an explanation of this alleged free variation is that the /t/ form is either an Egyptianism or a more acrolectic pronunciation, i.
Almost all thought the aforementioned fismi was very acrolectic or artificial, while few liked the meaning of the second sentence because they thought that the gloss 'my share' (= nasibi) should have been pronounced qismi, even though nasibi was preferred.