Act of grace

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The chief and almost the only thing that hindered him from raising a formidable rebellion, was the mutual distrust they entertained of one another, each fearing that as soon as the Emperor should publish an act of grace, or general amnesty, the greatest part would lay down their arms and embrace it; and this suspicion was imagined more reasonable of the viceroy than of any other.
I can only ask," he added, "that you will be more than ever kind to me--to us--and look on the painful duty as a voluntary act of grace, prompted by kindness and affection.
But say I could repent and could obtaine By Act of Grace my former state; how soon Would highth recal high thoughts, how soon unsay What feign'd submission swore: ease would recant Vows made in pain, as violent and void.
This is not, however, an act of grace by the Senate, but something we believe our policemen rightfully deserve.
I have been a full-time newspaper reporter since 1979 ("Journalism is an act of grace," uscatholic.
A pardon, on the other hand, is an act of grace by the President exempting the inmate from the punishment imposed by law for his offense.
The whole of everything's a mystery, Poems seem to arrive as an act of grace, Why are we so tongue-tied, myself and me?
Many Latter-day Saint authors who write about grace mention it briefly and move quickly onto the atonement of Christ as the ultimate act of grace without adequately addressing what grace itself is, what effect it has on our lives, and how we are saved by it.
Strengthening the global fund is an act of grace towards developing countries with low carbon economic development and hastening the adaptation to a changing climate scenario, reported (http://www.
A feature film, Act of Grace, starring Crissy Rock and Andrew Schofield, followed, but Alan says it was always his goal to produce something more personal.
Since creation is the first sign of God's grace, honouring and protecting creation is a celebration of the Creator's act of grace in making the universe.
When they landed in India on return, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi took them under her protection --an act of grace for which Hasina continues to remain ever beholden to the Indian government.