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tr.v. be·witched, be·witch·ing, be·witch·es
1. To place under one's power by magic; cast a spell over.
2. To captivate completely; fascinate. See Synonyms at charm.

[Middle English biwicchen : probably bi-, be- + wicchen (from Old English wiccian, from wicce, witch, or wicca, sorcerer); see weg- in Indo-European roots.]

be·witch′er n.
be·witch′er·y n.
be·witch′ing·ly adv.
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Adj.1.bewitched - under a spellbewitched - under a spell        
enchanted - influenced as by charms or incantations


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Dave McGarry, Michael Page; Jennie Hellyer, BCASS; Adam Stephens, chairman, YCAG Pictures: Roland Rowley Anne Hipkiss, administrator, Sheilagh Moffat, council member, Louise Rudd, Hon Secretary, all BCASS Above: Edward Starkey, Habiba Khatoon, Dan Atkins, all Michael Page; Nicola Collins, vice chair, Rob Cross, both BCASS
Heena Patel, PWC; Katie Carroll, PWC; David Hart, Emma Druickman Amanda Kane, Deloitte; Kar Ven Wai, KPMG; Corina Tut, KPMG; Derrek Geraghty, Deloitte; Lucy Ainscough, KPMG; Fiona Ogden, Deloitte Committee members Anne Hipkiss, Richard Hopkins, Rob Cross, Gemma Westley, Louise Rudd, Adam Stephens Christine Yang, Robert Grey, Josephine Ip Simon Gilliver, Robert Grey, Luke Kelly, Jenny Jones, all PWC
Alistair Baker, Dave Doneo and Adam Stephens breached the home rearguard and Craig Harvey added two conversions.
Young Accountant of the Year: Ian Barnes, Deloitte Paul Cutter, Cutter & Co Ronak Dashani, RSM Bentley Jennison Jeremey Richards, Dafferns Becka Ricketts, KPMG Adam Stephens, Deloitte 3.
Others to cross were Adam Stephens, Dan Harvey, Colin Davies and Craig Harvey who also hit five goals.
Netherley WLL stay top after Luke Wall's treble, doubles from Adam Stephens and Adam Evans and Liam Southern's first ever goal gave them an 8-0 win over Developers FC.
Adam Stephens, Chris Ellams and Luis Corness were among the goals in Netherley WLL's 4-0 victory over Burford, Crosby Stuart (Kelly) and Yewtree (McGowan) took a point apiece and Sean Broadhead, Tom Bagan and Daniel Cromby were all on target in Fit-well Colts' 4-1 win over Mags Boys.
Pictures from the YCAG new image launch on January 17, 2008 Amy Burton, Baker Tilly; Adam Stephens, Deloitte; Rachael Finney, Baker Tilly; Sebastian Hargreaves, ICAEW, regional events manager; Sponsors Jason Granger; Jason Blakey; Moushumi Moran; John Cadogan and Tony Gleeson all from toner graham accountancy recruitment; Left to right Neil Fishwick, Stillgigging; Melrose Brown and Pauline Lees of Acorns Children's Hospice Trust - a registered charity, established in 1983, offering a network of care to life-limited children and support for their families across the heart of England.
Jordan Haskell hit a hat-trick in Netherley Woodlane Legion's 5-0 win over Thingwall, Adam Stephens and Callum Watson adding the others.
Ronak Dashani, Adam Stephens, Charlotte Iles, Phil Wood, Kole Sodipo; Mikesh Jiuan-Patel, Richard Craner, Helen Tranter, Michelle Wynne; Rachel Waddell, Paul Commons, Rob Dowse; Phil Wood, Helen Marshall, Alan Matthews; Jo Lynn, Richard Hopkins Burton, Anabel Sinclair, James Hunt
Netherley WLL got the better of The Reds, winning 4-0 with goals from Jordan Haskell (2), Adam Stephens and Tony Leather, while it's hard not to feel sorry for Tom Bagan, who hit a hat-trick for Fitwell Colts yet still finished on the losing side, Paschal Ola winning 4-3 with Brendan Griffiths and Elliott Nevitt again among the goals.
Adam Stephens and Ross Page, who have progressed through the colts and second team, appear in the front-row and Ryan Jones gets a second-row start.