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go AR WAIT Gather othe highanniverstacular oturing adance, p pyrotechThis e free, butposition PORTHC WALKWalks othe station their trademark vision to the classic Greek story, Iliad.
ADANCE student who endured years of agony at the hands of cruel school bullies because she could only smile on one side of her face is planning a career on the stage.
Changing into various authentic costumes from the different regions, some nearly a century-old, the dancers will perform lively folk dances illustrating the fire and magic of Bulgarian traditions as well as a adance of the bees.
ADANCE graduate is hoping to inspire new talent in the Midlands by running a weekend workshop in the city.
ADANCE teacher convicted of fraud must pay back just a fraction of her ill-gotten gains.
Tickets are PS12 (PS10 for Fellowship members) and need to be booked in adance on 024 7661 9126.
ADANCE event featuring Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris in Scotland tonight has been cancelled over weather fears.
In Brazil Is Naked: The Adance of Monoculture Soy, the Grain That Grew Too Much, a book Schlessinger authored with Silvia Noronha, he writes, "The idea that soy generates jobs in Brazil is absolutely false.
But they weren't good enough to adance to the second round.
They were returning from a performance at adance in Banbridge, Co Down.
LIVERPOOL'S 2008 programme was launched with a song and adance.
The restrictions will ban dancers from touching or dancing closer than 12 ins from acustomer, performing with another dancer, simulating sex acts,climbing onto furniture or parting their legs during adance.