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n.1.(Bot.) A "brotherhood," or collection of stamens in a bundle; - used in composition, as in the class names, Monadelphia, Diadelphia, etc.
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MacDowell has a 25-year-plus career in IT and has worked for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, Alex Brown Investment Banking, Bankers Trust, Adelphia Cable, Redsiren Technologies Inc.
In June 2002, Buffalo Sabres owner John Rigas surrendered control of the franchise to the NHL after he was charged with bank, wire and securities fraud as CEO of Adelphia Cable.
I was an Adelphia cable subscriber until DirecTV's persistent invitations to "Come on down" gradually eroded the inertia that kept me tethered to cable lines.
Trinidad is now operating TSJC-TV on Adelphia Cable channel 63, giving students in the multimedia arts program a chance to produce, direct and act in shows.
Multimedia Cablevision in Wichita, through a partnership with a subsidiary of Adelphia Cable Communications, soon will begin alternate access to long-distance networks for the area's commercial customers, using a fiberoptic loop around the city that features full redundancy.
cable providers: Adelphia Cable Communications, Comcast Cable Communications, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable.
market as part of its acquisition last year of Adelphia Cable, is offering a triple-play package of cable TV, high-speed Internet and unlimited nationwide digital phone over a broadband line for as low as $110.
Horizon Cable, Adelphia Cable, Bell Canada and Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst took the lion's share of new licenses, in the Latino market with the greatest potential: 36 million TV homes and pay penetration of just 8%.
Fitch believes that the former Adelphia cable systems acquired by Comcast represent a significant RGU, revenue and cash flow growth opportunity as Comcast completes cable plant upgrades necessary to launch telephony services and drives operational efficiencies through the former Adelphia systems.
Jeff Abbas, senior director of programming for Adelphia Cable, a top-10 MSO, says he's proposed to TBS that the contract include a clause allowing the parties to reopen negotiations after six months if the two commercial minutes fail to increase the cable system's local sales revenues in the Adelphia markets.
In Fitch's opinion RGU growth during 2007 will benefit from the ongoing integration of the former Adelphia cable systems into Time Warner Cable and Comcast Corporation as the Adelphia cable systems are brought up to typical Time Warner Cable and Comcast Corporation operating metrics.
Palmdale will be airing two fireworks-related shows on its channel 27 on the Adelphia cable network starting July 1.