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n.1.(Bot.) A "brotherhood," or collection of stamens in a bundle; - used in composition, as in the class names, Monadelphia, Diadelphia, etc.
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The Adelphia Recovery Trust is a Delaware Statutory Trust formed pursuant to the First Modified Fifth Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization of Adelphia Communications Corporation and Certain Affiliated Debtors, which became effective February 13, 2007.
Adelphia Communications Corporation The Effective Date of the Plan occurred on February 13, 2007.
He served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Adelphia Communications Corporation from 2003 until it was acquired in 2007.
MI-Connection Communications System, representing local governments in Mecklenburg and Iredell counties, exercised their right of first refusal under their local franchise agreements after these cable systems were acquired from Adelphia Communications Corporation by Time Warner Cable last year.
Adelphia Communications Corporation continues under the management of Quest Turnaround Advisors, LLC, its Plan Administrator, to liquidate its assets and administer its plan of reorganization.