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Noun1.Adenanthera - small genus of trees of tropical Asia and Pacific areas
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Mimosoideae, subfamily Mimosoideae - alternative name used in some classification systems for the family Mimosaceae
Adenanthera pavonina, Barbados pride, coralwood, coral-wood, peacock flower fence, red sandalwood - East Indian tree with racemes of yellow-white flowers; cultivated as an ornamental
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2004) who purified a chitinase from lima bean and Adenanthera pavonina seeds showing maximum activity at pH 5.
A SDS-PAGE apresenta, neste estudo, nos extratos de sementes, proteinas majoritarias com massas moleculares variando na faixa de 60 kDa a 14 kDa, no entanto nao coincidem com massas moleculares de inibidores de tripsina de sementes publicados na literatura, tais como os do tipo Kunitz, e dentre eles o ApTKI de 22 kDa, da semente de Adenanthera pavonina L.
2012) establecieron una relacion lineal ascendente entre 10 y 35 [grados]C para Adenanthera pavonina, Hernandez (1998) en Almus acuminata determino una relacion ascendente entre 12 y 30 [grados]C y descendente de 31 a 35 [grados]C.
A Kunitz-type inhibitor of coleopteran proteases, isolated from Adenanthera pavonina L.
Efeitos do estresse hidrico, salino e termico no processo germinativo de sementes de Adenanthera pavonina L.
tetrodonta (Darwin stringybark), Syncarpia glomulifera (turpentine) Brazil Adenanthera pavonina Australia, Africa, Asia, (circassian seed), Cassia Caribbean, Central America, grandis (carao), Erythrinia Fiji, New Zealand, South velutina (coral tree), E.
Ezeagu IE, Gopal KAG, Khatoon S and R Gowda Physico-Chemical characterization of seed oil and nutrient assessment of Adenanthera pavonina: an underutilized tropical legume.
Wajo Adenanthera pavonina, a hardwood tree with bright red seeds and edible leaves (field indetification, 2008) * Scientific indentifications are mostly drawn form Verheijen 1984 and 1990.
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