n.1.The act of equalizing; act or result of making adequate; an equivalent.
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Bamako et Washington ont franchi un cap decisif dans un partenariat qui met en adequation le defi securitaire et les exigences d'une bonne gouvernance.
Les Promoteurs immobiliers s'engagent de leur cote a realiser ces logements en parfaite adequation avec les normes de qualite et de securite d'usage et de commercialiser ces produits conformement aux procedures et circulaires qui encadrent leur vente.
That is why the success of the adequation between the fight against terrorism and the guarantee of the rule of law represents today is a key challenge for the democratic societies, she said.
Taking as his fundamental starting point the realistic assumption that what we know are the very things themselves (as opposed to their mere representations, or anything less than the things most people think they know when they say they know them), Ross defends the AristotelianThomistic position that knowledge is an adequation of the knower to the known, a cognitional identification of knower and known in the mind of the knower.
Le centre de formation dans les metiers de la reparation automobile offrira aux personnes beneficiaires des formations qualifiantes, en adequation avec les besoins du secteur de l'automobile qui presente un fort potentiel d'emploi.
Yet while the chapel windows are unmistakably his, they do not function in contrast to their unlikely site but in natural adequation.
Mais le Basque est un joueur d'avenir, en adequation avec la politique de Wenger.
which found its finest musical adequation in Hugo Wolf's lied bacchanal in tipping 6/8 time, becomes a real party-pooper in Whaley's hands:
He explains this predilection in terms of adequation and conespondence.
A l'encontre de la fascination caracteristique de l'ontologie moderne et contemporaine pour le modele de l'objet, c'est la question de la pertinence de nos << formes d adequation >> au reel qui est appelee a devenir la question centrale du realisme bien compris.
The adequation of immanence and transcendence implied here poses a fundamental problem: "Once immanence receives the meaning of transcendence, the perversion of the fundamental concepts of phenomenology are complete" (54).
It's a curious adequation, for once the exact adequation of true love, love dreamed, love lived, true love itself.