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1. adjective.
2. adjudged.
3. adjunct.
4. adjustment.
5. adjutant.
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A Williams, outline application for erection of |detached house with formation of new access from Stoney Bank Road, adj 24 Springwood Road, Thongsbridge.
Sikandar Ameer Pahore from Malir to Karachi South on his promotion as ADJ vice Tariq Mehmood Khoso transferred.
factiveis [factivel] ADJ F P @N< terriveis [terrivel] ADJ F P @N< impossivel [impossivel] ADJ M S @<SC
injection molding' and (nitrile adj rubber or acrylonitrile adj butadiene adj [rubber or copolymer] or NBR) retrieves around 253 records using Boolean and other operators.
A Shepherd, dead or dangerous trees, land adj |to Brewery Yard, Fenay Bridge.
Finished Motor Gasoline Product Supplied Adjustment, 1993-Present (Thousand Barrels per Day) Item/Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May 1993 Fuel Ethanol Adj.
K Philips, erection of detached house, adj 6 |Bronte Grove, Mirfield.
8 million in adj EBITDA and projected 2006 sales of $55+ million with $6 million + in adj EBITDA.
KIRKLEES Council has received the following planning applications: TRD 119 Ltd, erection of three flats, land adj 122 |York Avenue, Fartown.
staging heigt rcc ohr including lohana and its adj mouzas ws scheme under burdwan divn_phe dte.
THE Council has made the following decisions: Conditional permission: J Croft, erection of detached garage, adj 9 |Greenside Avenue, Waterloo.
staging height rcc ohr including natu and its adj mouzas ws scheme under burdwan division_phe dte.