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adv.1.In an adjunctive manner.
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Yoga breathing exercises used adjunctively with standard pharmacological treatment significantly improves pulmonary functions in patients with bronchial asthma.
Mushrooms are even now being used adjunctively to cancer therapies, including chemotherapy, to support better patient outcomes.
19) Additionally, the duration of IV antibiotics and total duration of all (IV and oral) antibiotic treatment required in those treated adjunctively with OMT was shorter (MD for IV antibiotics= -2.
The format of treatment also differs in terms of the intensity (eg, five times a week compared to once a week or once a month), the setting (inpatient or community-based), and the extent to which nonpsychosocial treatments (such as medication) are offered adjunctively (2).
Working through the same brain mechanisms as ketamine, a non-competitive NMDA channel antagonist, but potentially lacking its adverse side effects, dextromethadone is fundamentally differentiated from all currently FDA-approved antidepressants, as well as all atypical antipsychotics used adjunctively.
With the FDA's authorisation to proceed under our IND application now in hand, our primary goal remains to launch and complete our Phase 2 study of AV-101 for major depressive disorder in 2018, further advancing our efforts to develop and commercialise AV-101 as a new generation oral treatment alternative for depression, one with a mechanism of action that is fundamentally differentiated from all FDA-approved antidepressants and atypical antipsychotics often used adjunctively to augment them.
22) reported the use of a distal-based fascial flap adjunctively to support suture-based methods in a series of 15 patients (age range: 8-16 years).
Lower switch rate in depressed patients with bipolar II than bipolar I disorder treated adjunctively with second-generation antidepressants.
26] Types of interventions included were [alpha]7 nAChR agonists including encenicline, varenicline and tropisetron(4) or [alpha]7 nAChR positive allosteric modulators in combination with choline that were given orally, and adjunctively to ongoing stable antipsychotic treatment.
Poverty Level or adjunctively eligible for other child nutrition programs), and nutrition risk requirements.
For this reason, prescription of a phosphate binder is often used to adjunctively manage hyperphosphatemia (Malberti, 2013).