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n.1.(Eng. Hist.) A corruption of Agitator.
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34) In and close to the parish church of Putney, sitting high and proud alongside the Thames, four miles upstream from Westminster, there met for fourteen days from 28 October 1647, the General Council of the New Model Army--that is the Generals, representatives of the officers of every regiment and adjutators representing the rank and file.
Cromwell subsequently persuaded the committee of eighteen, made up of officers and adjutators, to whom the most contentious issues were referred, unanimously to reject that proposition in favour of a proposal that the army lobby the Long Parliament to dissolve itself after making provision for a redistribution of seats "according to some rule of equality of proportion," and for biennial elections on a franchise consisting of all those previously qualified plus all those who had secured a stake by offering their lives in the parliamentarian armies up to and including the date of the battle of Naseby.
And they have missed the fact that in all likelihood the key events took place at the prayer meeting on 29 October at which the officers and adjutators prayed together.