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n. Greek Mythology
A king of Thessaly and husband of Alcestis.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a king of Thessaly, one of the Argonauts, who was married to Alcestis


(ædˈmi təs)

a legendary king of Thessaly and the husband of Alcestis.
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And those that held Pherae by the Boebean lake, with Boebe, Glaphyrae, and the populous city of Iolcus, these with their eleven ships were led by Eumelus, son of Admetus, whom Alcestis bore to him, loveliest of the daughters of Pelias.
In punishment Apollo was forced to serve Admetus as herdsman.
While my acquaintances went unhesitatingly into trade or the professions, I contemplated this occupation as most like theirs; ranging the hills all summer to pick the berries which came in my way, and thereafter carelessly dispose of them; so, to keep the flocks of Admetus.
He concludes a list of examples in the emended Collected Works: "Apollo kept the flocks of Admetus, said the poets.
52) The role of Alcestis belongs of course to Leucippe: at first she does not speak (see Alcestis 1143); she is said to be a '[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]' 'a shocking and horrible sight' (3,17,7), recalling the description of the Gorgoneion in 3,7 ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), and in Euripides Admetus holding his wife's hand after the resuscitation is as scared and cautious as someone who is cutting the Gorgon's head (see Alcestis 1118).
Leighton elected to depict the wrestling-match between Death and Heracles, and to introduce the dead Alcestis, Admetus, Pheres, and the maidens into the same scene, decisions that distort Euripides' play, which, as Greek dramaturgy required, keeps the fight offstage.
450-452) mentions that Zeus commanded Apollo to guard the cattle of Laomedon and especially the story of Apollo tending the flocks of Admetus at Pherae on the banks of the river Amphrysus in Thessaly becomes more prominent in later writers.
The scenes in the National Gallery are Apollo Killing the Cyclops, The Punishment of Midas by Apollo, Apollo and Daphne, The Transformation of Cyparissus (only the lower, larger portion), Mercury Stealing the Herds of Admetus Guarded by Apollo, Apollo Slaying the Nymph Coronus, and Apollo and Neptune with Laomedon.
9), tenor Joseph Kaiser singing Admetus in Gluck's Alceste, director Robert Lepage remounting his production of Stravinsky's The Nightingale and Other Fables and Canadian-Argentine author Alberto Manguel providing the libretto for Oscar Strasnoy's The Return--El regreso, based on Manguel's novel Un Retour (see also p.
Tagesperiodik, Revierverhalten und Beutefang der Geisselspinne Admetus pumilio C.
Admetus and other Poems (1871) was dedicated to "my friend Ralph Waldo Emerson.
There rises up in Admetus the barely perceptible fear, with this trembling wraith, that he will not be able to obey his wife's dying injunction to be faithful after her death.