a.1.Pertaining to administration, or to the executive part of government.
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During our visit to Roumieh Prison we felt that there have been many administerial and procedural improvements," Rafei said after meeting Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi.
The former Wales and Lions flanker is retiring from playing in a few weeks but he's being lined up for a more administerial role.
A statement released by the Ospreys on Thursday - which might have been drafted by Henry Kissinger - spoke of how a deal had been reached for the former IRB player of the year to take up an ambassadorial / administerial / promotional role from May onwards.
Nick Clegg and his power-infatuated administerial pals are taking the Lib Dem party down the path to political oblivion.
The centres will work under the patronage of parliamentarians while the ministry will supervise the administerial works, he said.
WISC-IV, WJ-III) Nomothetic (inter-individual) Idiographic (intra-individual) assessment--battery of tests assessment procedures--repeated administerial in a few measures to assess progress over testing sessions time Tests are commercial, Tests are direct, require little standardized, and norm inference; and based on local -referenced and require normative expectations, grade-level substantial inference about standards and/or intra-individual applicability to achievement comparisons Refer-Test-Place Response-to-Intervention Model Focus on determining special Focus on identifying effective education eligibility interventions Specific learning disabilities SLD defined by a dual discrepancy defined by an IQ/achievements definition (i.
West did not enter a plea at the preliminary hearing yesterday and will return to the court on January 8 for further administerial matters.
If you are interested in helping the NSPCC Mr Brogden can offer ideas, help, guidance and some administerial support.
But if they are doing a very administerial service that can be done through word processing and data assembly, they may be in trouble," Hornsby said.
The new PCA award is for immediate implementation with final contracts subject to pending administerial acts.
applied only to Chapter 11 trustees, and that a liquidating trustee is not a trustee under Chapter 11 but is rather a contract trustee performing limited and essentially administerial functions.
DIVISION 2A club Ford are refusing to play their rescheduled Coca-Cola Junior Cup fifth round tie against Bessbrook United, after an administerial U-turn by the Irish FA that their manager has described as a "total farce".