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(ædˌmɪn əˈstreɪ trɪks)

n., pl. -is•tra•tri•ces (-əˈstreɪ trəˌsiz, -ə strəˈtraɪ siz)
a woman who is an administrator.
[1620–30; < Medieval Latin]
usage: See -trix.


n pl <administratrices> (Jur) → Nachlassverwalterin f
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Judgment was given in favour of the defendant insofar as BT's claim in her capacity as administratrix of the estate of AT as the evidence failed to disclose any injury or illness for which compensation was recoverable.
Anthony, Administratrix of Succession of Bankston v.
Incidentally, have you caught up with the Lynne Truss book in which she points out that the rarely-used female form of administrator is administratrix - and that its plural becomes the weird and wonderful administratrices?
The administratrix of a pretrial detainee who committed suicide in jail brought a [section] 1983 action and wrongful death claims against and county and corrections officers.
1963) (summary judgment granted for administratrix in aviation insurer's suit for declaratory judgment in which only proof insurer offered to show that flight was one for which charge was made within exclusionary provisions was testimony that fell under bar of dead man's statute).
The administratrix of the victim's estate sued the government for negligently failing to prevent the assault and battery.
In pursuance of two orders of Court of Mayor and Alderman directed to us underwritten ye 9th day of May and ye 19th day of September last wee have upon ye 9th day of February 1682/3 being first sworne as ye law directs valued and apprized ye Estate of Assher Levy deceased, presented to us by ye Widdow and administratrix of said Estate, as followeth viz:
The administratrix of Halecki's estate brought a wrongful death action, and the court issued jury instructions that allowed Halecki's estate to recover on two separate theories of liability--negligence or the unseaworthiness doctrine.
He was succeeded by his daughter, who served as administratrix of the estate and established a trust.
O'Connor's administratrix went to court to recover a much reduced claim of $2,750.
Enter my mother's sister, the administratrix of this hospital-to-be.
Weitz & Luxenberg is now using its expertise in environmental law to help those in West Virginia whose health has been compromised by PCE, taking on a class action lawsuit (Katy Addair, Administratrix of the Estate of Gary Addair, et al.