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Noun1.Vanessa atalanta - of temperate Europe and AsiaVanessa atalanta - of temperate Europe and Asia; having black wings with red and white markings
brush-footed butterfly, four-footed butterfly, nymphalid, nymphalid butterfly - medium to large butterflies found worldwide typically having brightly colored wings and much-reduced nonfunctional forelegs carried folded on the breast
genus Vanessa, Vanessa - painted beauty and red admiral
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He said: "This Red Admiral Butterfly was spotted on an ivy leaf in the garden, resting in the afternoon sunshine.
The Red Admiral butterfly can be seen in almost any habitat from seashores to town centres (c)Disney and from valleys to mountaintops.
FROM TOP: Butterflies on an ivy leaf, a buddleia flower and an Aster amellus King George NECTAR PLANT: Verbena Bonariensis, from South America UNDER THREAT: Red Admiral butterfly and, left, Dr Martin Warren
VIBRANT: Today's photo is of a red admiral butterfly at New Hauxley by Andy Browne
And add a splash of colour with a Red Admiral Butterfly Cushion, pounds 75, from Barker & Stonehouse.
Red Admiral butterfly cushion made from hand-embroidered, felted wool, pounds 80, Jan Constantine, 01270 821194, www.
On each page, Godkin depicts a woodland scene, but also includes a vignette of some small aspect of the forest: a deer mouse nursing her babies, the seeds released by fire, a red admiral butterfly.
Blackburn carry the attacking menace of a Red Admiral butterfly yet they looked as though they could have put six past Palace in midweek.
As she did so, a beautifully bright Red Admiral butterfly flew out, bizarrely allowing her to catch and hold it in her cupped hands.
Tompkinson's first role was as a red admiral butterfly in The Plotters of Cabbage Corner.
There was a red admiral butterfly flapping about in there and I chased it around like Nijinsky for 10 minutes until I finally got the poor thing out into the open again.