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 (kăz′lən), William 1692-1766.
English type designer whose typefaces, such as Caslon, were widely used in the 1700s.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a style of type designed by William Caslon, English type founder (1692–1766)


(ˈkæz lən)

William, 1692–1766, English type founder.
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The most important digital revivals when I began my work were, to my mind, ITC Founder's Caslon and Adobe Caslon.
com that sparked my effort: "Sadly, Adobe Caslon is the only version that is suited to a wide range of typographic application, but it doesn't look like Caslon, so what's the point?
Part of my effort was to figure out where Adobe Caslon fell short in capturing the look and readability of the metal Caslons.
Also lightening the look, I made the letter spacing in Williams Caslon just a hair wider than in Adobe Caslon.
This is, in fact, a feature of old styles but isn't reproduced in most Caslon revivals, including Mergenthaler Linotype Caslon Old Face and Adobe Caslon.