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 (ä′dō-nī′, -noi′)
Lord. Used in Judaism as a spoken substitute for the ineffable name of God.

[Hebrew 'ădônāy, my lord : 'ādôn, lord; see ʔd in Semitic roots + -ay, my; see -y in Semitic roots.]


(ˌædɒˈnaɪ; -ˈneɪaɪ)
(Bible) Judaism a name for God
[C15: from Hebrew: lord; compare Adonis]


(ˌɑ doʊˈnaɪ, -ˈnɔɪ)

Hebrew. a title of reverence for God, serving also as a substitute pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton.
[literally, my Lord; spoken in place of the ineffable name Yahweh]
References in classic literature ?
That they are fickle-minded and treacherous is as true as the Pentateuch," said Buzi-Ben-Levi, "but that is only toward the people of Adonai.
Whatever else its problems, adopting lord as an English gloss for the tetragrammaton may be said to have a certain precedent in the Hebrew practice of vocalizing the tetragrammaton as Adonai, as well as the LXX practice of translating the tetragrammaton as kyrios.
Vitalis Bechinze, Liam Brooks, Daniel Freeman, Naryan Hans, Jacinto Jerciline, Harvey Rowlson, Adonai Tekel, Samuel Thrippleton and Adriean Shawe are currently learning their way around the cathedral and the basics of choral music.
I don't even hear it discussed," added Adonai Mack, who coauthored the school administrators' paper.
The dancehall duo will be accompanied by DJ Teddy Jam, DJ Rizal from Miami and Kenya's first lady of dancehall DJ Ebony, plus the sound of the future Adonai.
We read in Deuteronomy: "When you have eaten and are satisfied, you shall bless Adonai your God.
Adonai, Remember Me is a unique parable retelling the story of Jesus Christ, God's son on Earth, through the minds and perspectives of those who met Him during their lives.
Remember this day, on which you went fee from Egypt, the house of bondage, how Adonai freed you from it with a mighty hand - Exodus 13:3
Note that this is preceded by the phrase va-yikra ve-shem Adonai (Ex.
On the flip side, according to the author, faith in Adonai Elohim can and will keep a family together, no matter how much the outside world becomes an enemy of moral values.
2 million tonnes per year, explains Adonai Herrera-Martinez, Principal Banker in the EBRDs Istanbul office.
A mass celebrated by Father Adonai Cortes in the Iglesia de San Felix on Feb.