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 (ä′dō-nī′, -noi′)
Lord. Used in Judaism as a spoken substitute for the ineffable name of God.

[Hebrew 'ădônāy, my lord : 'ādôn, lord; see ʔd in Semitic roots + -ay, my; see -y in Semitic roots.]


(ˌædɒˈnaɪ; -ˈneɪaɪ)
(Bible) Judaism a name for God
[C15: from Hebrew: lord; compare Adonis]


(ˌɑ doʊˈnaɪ, -ˈnɔɪ)

Hebrew. a title of reverence for God, serving also as a substitute pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton.
[literally, my Lord; spoken in place of the ineffable name Yahweh]
References in classic literature ?
That they are fickle-minded and treacherous is as true as the Pentateuch," said Buzi-Ben-Levi, "but that is only toward the people of Adonai.
One of Shelley's last poems was an elegy called Adonais.
In it, Shelley calls upon everything, upon every thought and feeling, upon all poets, to weep for the loss of Adonais.
So Shelley himself had written in the preface to Adonais.
In a category that had the likes of Dele Bravo, Yinka Adonai, Femo Lancaster and Tayo King, Solar's win illustrated the essential difference between him and his colleagues.
Kathleen Jackson Adonai, 49, of Carbondale, pleaded guilty to retail theft, a Class A misdemeanor.
Adonai Jose Lacruz presents "Simulation and learning dynamics in business games", in which he examines the self-statements of 90 undergraduate management students of four Brazilian institutions of higher education and analyzed through multiple linear regression model six variables linked simulation dynamics (professor, manual, team, complexity, debriefing, and duration).
Each morning, Jews around the world pray, "Praised are you, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the Universe, who lifts up the fallen.
Bajo estas circunstancias el 20 de mayo de 2007 se celebro la eleccion de miembros del ayuntamiento del municipio de Yobain, Yucatan, donde fue electo presidente municipal el unico candidato independiente registrado, Jose Adonai Aviles Sierra.
Vitalis Bechinze, Liam Brooks, Daniel Freeman, Naryan Hans, Jacinto Jerciline, Harvey Rowlson, Adonai Tekel, Samuel Thrippleton and Adriean Shawe are currently learning their way around the cathedral and the basics of choral music.
God is said to have savored the burnt offering, as recorded in Genesis 8:21: The Lord smelled the pleasing odor [Va-yarah Adonai et re'ah ha-niho'ah].