Adriatic Sea

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A·dri·at·ic Sea

An arm of the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. It extends from the Gulf of Venice southward to the Strait of Otranto, which links it to the Ionian Sea.

Adriatic Sea

(Placename) an arm of the Mediterranean between Italy and the Balkan Peninsula

A′driat′ic Sea′

an arm of the Mediterranean between Italy and the Balkan Peninsula.
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Noun1.Adriatic Sea - an arm of the Mediterranean between Slovenia and Croatia and Montenegro and Albania on the east and Italy on the westAdriatic Sea - an arm of the Mediterranean between Slovenia and Croatia and Montenegro and Albania on the east and Italy on the west
Gulf of Venice - an arm of the Adriatic Sea
Mediterranean, Mediterranean Sea - the largest inland sea; between Europe and Africa and Asia
Jaderské moře
Jadransko more
아드리아 해
Adriatiska havet
Biển Adriatic

Adriatic Sea

البحر الأدرياتيكي Jaderské moře Adriaterhavet Adriatisches Meer Αδριατική Θάλασσα Mar Adriático Adrianmeri mer Adriatique Jadransko more Mare Adriatico アドリア海 아드리아 해 Adriatische zee Adriaterhavet Morze Adriatyckie Mar Adriático Адриатическое море Adriatiska havet ทะเลเอเดรียติก Adriyatik Denizi Biển Adriatic 亚得里亚海
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Luciano Pavarotti underwent hip surgery and is recuperating at his Italian villa on the Adriatic Sea, the tenor's spokeswoman said.
Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) has announced the introduction of two pre-qualification tenders to set up offshore pipeline section beneath the Adriatic Sea covering a distance of 105 km intended for supplying gas to the Italian market from Azerbaijan.
of Staten Island re-powered the Adriatic Sea in August with two Wartsila 6L26 main engines.
Slater evaluated and developed new projects for Texaco, as well as heading management of offshore drilling operations in the Adriatic Sea.
The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Adriatic Sea Environment Pollution Control Project objectives are: (a) to reduce the discharge of pollutants with transboundary importance, particularly Nitrogen, in selected hotspots of the eastern Adriatic Sea; and (b) to improve the capacity in the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to prepare pollution control projects in selected localities of Dalmatia and Herzegovina and to strengthen the capacity to monitor the sea water quality.
The plan will help Croatia diversify its source of gas supply with a new link to offshore gas fields in the Adriatic Sea, expanding the gas transmission system to connect to new regions in Southern Croatia, and modernizing the existing transportation system.
local time from bases in Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Britain and the Adriatic Sea.
Turnkey) implementation curative therapy visits under the name Seahorse Adriatic Sea for certain groups of chronically ill children aged 6 to 17 years, the Czech Republic General Health Insurance Company insured by the Adriatic Sea.
Nevada-based ORMAT International has received purchase orders for six additional 3 kW Closed Cycle Vapor Turbogenerators (CCVTs) for remote unattended powering of the communications and telemetry systems on the Ivana platform complex in the Adriatic Sea off Croatia.
Shakespeare immortalized it when he wrote the ``Merchant of Venice,'' but the tiny Northern Italian city on the Adriatic sea has suffered a bad rap in recent years.
In the game, players travel on 70 worldwide missions to locations such as the Persian Gulf, The Adriatic Sea and the Sea of Japan, utilizing Tomahawk cruise missiles, Mark-48 torpedoes and Harpoon missiles on the Los Angeles class 688-I nuclear-powered submarine (the best of the best) against enemy threats.